In-School Programmes for Targeted Students

The TENG Academy works with specialised institutions to create Chinese music programmes for at-risk youths and individuals with special needs. Some of the institutions that The TENG Company partners with for these programmes include Boys Town and the Association for Persons with Special Needs.

Students undergo a tailor-made training programme and are given opportunities to perform and express themselves creatively. The programme adopts a ‘co-coaching’ approach, where faster-progressing participants are paired with those who are slower in their progress in learning Chinese music. A typical session starts with warm-ups to gather the students’ focus, followed by short revisions to revisit the pieces taught in previous lessons and proceeds to teach new pieces to the students. The programme aims to build the self-confidence and self-esteem of students, foster their cooperative skills and teamwork and helps them to discover and develop their musical potential.

Since 2018, the programme has impacted the lives of over 120 students and continues to empower lives through Chinese music.

If your school would like to explore a similar programme, please contact The TENG Academy.